The HDMI cables have always taken audio from the game consoles, Blu-ray players and set up boxes into the television. When it comes to connecting your new AV receiver or soundbar, you can have two couples of choices such as HDMI or optical digital audio.

First of all, you should know the difference between optical audio Vs hdmi and then understand exactly what are its pros and cons. Both HDMI and optical digital audio from one device to another are better than analog that can pass multi-channel audio.

Both of these cables had pretty cheap. However, the simplest advice is to go with HDMI.

The biggest difference is that HDMI can pass the higher resolution audio such as formats found on Blu-ray. But these formats cannot obtain transmitted across optical. In terms of simplicity, the HDMI also passes the video signals. If you just need one cable between couples of devices, the HDMI is right your pick.

When you use HDMI, the cables are very reasonable and having just a single wire simplifies the setup. If you cannot, the optical is fine. But if your gear does not have HDMI, it can take benefits of high-resolution audio formats from Blu-ray. On the other hand, the digital optical audio connection is the best and has upright gear.


What is the best connection- Hdmi or digital optical audio?

Generally, there are several possible ways to connect devices to your home theater system that offers a complete surround sound. But now, one of the most famous methods is hdmi. Actually, this is a simple cable that holds both audio and video as well.

Another most famous method is an optical connection, which is also known as S/PDIF and TO Slink that only holds the audio data and needs an individual connection for the video like composite cables or components. Comparatively, is optical audio better than hdmi? Definitely, it is moderately self-evident that has a better-quality connection because it is all in one digital solution.

On the other hand, the latest HDMI standard version 1.4 can add another interesting feature named as Audio Return Channel, where the cable can transmit a video signal upstream and receives audio downstream. With the growing popularity of HDTVs, you can access the online based content. This means that the similar cable, which pipes the video from the receiver to HDTV, can pull the audio signal from online-based features of HDTV down to the receiver. When you want to set up the home theater now, first you must decide optical cable Vs hdmi, which is a better option for you. Once you have decided, you just consider upgrading your receiver by simply using HDMI.


What does the optical digital audio cable do?

At present, the optical audio connection is one of the most famous ways to transmit the top quality audio between the devices. When it comes to the audio for your system, you may have a number of various choices. However, the optical is a great choice. When you are linking couples of devices together, one device will have an optical input and the other has an optical output.


If you wish to connect your HDTV sound to your speaker system, you have to decide whether the optical audio or hdmi is right for you.

The HDMI is very easy, convenient and simple to set up. At the same time, the optical audio connections are a good choice for many modern televisions as well. You just connect the optical audio output on the front of your television to the optical input on your receiver or amplifier. Hence, this model comes with the remote control system, so you can toggle between various audio inputs.